“Berlin Wall 1985” Commissioned Painting

This 24×36 commissioned painting is an acrylic on canvas depicting the Berlin Wall. it was definitely one of the MOST interesting and fun assignments I have had to work on!!

This customer has traveled to Berlin back in 1985 and has taken numerous photographs of the Wall, highlighting its crazy graffiti. I used his photographs to guide the composition of the painting as well as the “characters” portrayed in the actual wall imagery. We also added several images and phrases into the painted wall graffiti that had certain special meanings the owner of this painting (such as “Hey, Ho! Let’s Go” to give a little nod to The Ramones). It was important for the customer to include the guard tower and the foreground with train tracks “leading” into “The Promise” writing. However, he also wanted to keep the piece bright and happy just like that sunny day in Berlin in 1985 when he took these wall photos. In the painting, my signature has also ended up on the wall as a part of its graffiti.

Creating this painting also had a bit of a special meaning to me since I grew up in Ukraine and was living there when the fall fell (which, of course, affected the break-up of USSR) . My parents traveled to Germany in 1990 and have actually brought a little piece of the wall back home with them.

This painting was shipped to and now “resides” in Canada.

Complete and framed painting:

Here are the progress photos of how the panting has developed (you can click on each image to view it in a larger size):


And here are some of the (fantastic!) original Wall photographs from which I worked:


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