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“Orange Groves” mural commission for Tropicana

You can call it a mural, or you can call it a multi-panel painting. Either way, it was a lot of work! 🙂

“Orange Groves” was painted with acrylics and oils on six 30″x30″ canvas panels that were installed on a wall with 1.5″ intervals.

Commissioned by Tropicana, Inc., this mural was installed in the Study Room of their downtown Chicago office. After we brainstormed about different types of mural applications, customer picked a canvas version due to its portability. We spaced canvas panels intentionally to make it seem as if a viewer is looking though a window. Tropicana oranges are grown in Florida, so I was asked to include a little slice of an ocean in the distance visible behind orange grove hills.

Later I recommended new wall colors for the Study Room to compliment the colors of the mural.

Orange Groves mural by Anastasia Mak

Original sketch on paper:

Orange Groves sketch

Progress shots:

Orange Groves mural progress 1

Orange Groved mural progress 2

“Turkish Port” mural commission for Marshall McGearty Tobacco Lounge

This is an erasable mural painted with pastels on a chalkboard wall of the lounge entrance. Approximately 40″x40″ in size.

Commissioned by Marshall McGearty Tobacco Lounge in Chicago, this artwork promotes new Samsun Straits blend of their tobacco. This mural was created in just a couple of hours, and had a life of one month. Since Samsun Straits is a Turkish blend, I designed a landscape of a Turkish port city surrounded by my “signature” interwoven flowers to promote the brand.

Turkish Port mural by Anastasia Mak

“Breakfast and Lunch” mural for LBP Manufacturing, Inc.

“Breakfast and Lunch” was painted on the lunchroom walls in the corporate offices of LBP Manufacturing – a Chicago-based foodservice packaging company. I incorporated their corrugated products into each still life.

This is a permanent mural, painted with Glidden® semi-gloss wall paints. It consists of 2 wall images – each is approximately 40″x40″ in size.

breakfast mural by Anastasia Mak

Lunch mural by Anastasia Mak

Daily Herald article

My painting of Prague’s Charles Bridge has been featured in Daily Herald in anticipation of St Charles Fine Art Show.


Hubbard Street Mural – “Sunny Rocks”

This was my very first mural creation, and it will always bring me warm memories.

In 2003, the image of my “Sunny Rocks” painting got selected to be put on a wall of a mile-long Hubbard Street Mural in downtown Chicago. The mural, approximately 12’x12’, was then completed by myself and other artists under my direction. It is painted with durable concrete paints, (guaranteed to last outdoors for 40+ years). With it being a community project, participation of neighborhood kids and anyone else who was interested in helping out was also encouraged and welcomed.

The Hubbard Street Murals were originally painted throughout the seventies and into the eighties. A few years ago, the railroad decided to strengthen the train embankment by replacing and repairing it, unfortunately affecting a lot of artwork on the panels of the embankment in the process. When this overhaul began, Fred Montano, one of the original founders of the mural project, decided to seek out people who would be interested in trying to restore some panels, and bring new artwork to the new embankments.

After reaching an agreement with the railroad and receiving support from Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs in conjunction with the Illinois Arts Council, the organization began the process of completing the mural. Then, interested artists were invited to submit their images, and the committee selects approximately 10 images to be included in a mural each year. In the summertime, artists and volunteers work to put the selected images on a wall.

Hubbard Street Mural by Anastasia Mak



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