Anastasia Mak murals

It may not be my primary mode of art creation, but sometimes I do wall murals. Painting a mural is a fun, different, challenging, painful, meticulous and rewarding process. When schedule allows, I accept select mural assignments for commercial, public, and / or community projects. Please contact me if you would like more information.

Below are some examples of murals I have completed in the past. 

Pathway Services entrance mural commission

It was a wonderful experience to travel to Jacksonville, IL earlier…

"Orange Groves" mural commission for Tropicana

You can call it a mural, or you can call it a multi-panel painting.…

"Turkish Port" mural commission for Marshall McGearty Tobacco Lounge

This is an erasable mural painted with pastels on a chalkboard…

"Breakfast and Lunch" mural for LBP Manufacturing, Inc.

"Breakfast and Lunch" was painted on the lunchroom walls in the…

Hubbard Street Mural - "Sunny Rocks"

This was my very first mural creation, and it will always bring…