“Orange Groves” mural commission for Tropicana

You can call it a mural, or you can call it a multi-panel painting. Either way, it was a lot of work! 🙂

“Orange Groves” was painted with acrylics and oils on six 30″x30″ canvas panels that were installed on a wall with 1.5″ intervals.

Commissioned by Tropicana, Inc., this mural was installed in the Study Room of their downtown Chicago office. After we brainstormed about different types of mural applications, customer picked a canvas version due to its portability. We spaced canvas panels intentionally to make it seem as if a viewer is looking though a window. Tropicana oranges are grown in Florida, so I was asked to include a little slice of an ocean in the distance visible behind orange grove hills.

Later I recommended new wall colors for the Study Room to compliment the colors of the mural.

Orange Groves mural by Anastasia Mak

Original sketch on paper:

Orange Groves sketch

Progress shots:

Orange Groves mural progress 1

Orange Groved mural progress 2

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