Point Atkinson Lighthouse painting commission

This 24×30 acrylic on canvas – Point Atkinson Lighthouse painting – was commissioned by a couple who has ties to British Columbia. The first commissioned painting I created for them – Cherry Blossoms – went in the room of their then-newborn baby girl. Fast-forward a couple of years, the baby is now an adorable toddler, and her little baby sister has just arrived! Baby #2 needs a painting  to adorn her room as well, of course! (…And Anastasia Mak is happy to come to the rescue). The idea behind these paintings is for each child to have a special piece that is “soft” and “pretty” enough to serve as baby / toddler decor, but also unique and with mature subject matter for them to appreciate as they grow older. What a great concept!

Point Atkinson Lighthouse is located in West Vancouver, Canada.  While I have not (yet) been there in person, I created this piece from various photos emailed to me by the customer. The Lighthouse sits on some large granite boulders, and I had so much fun using acrylic paint to play with the texture of these rocks. I feel lucky to get such fun assignments, and hope that little girl enjoys growing up with this original in her room.

Below are some shots of the painting’s progress, with the completed result at the bottom.

Point Atkinson Lighthouse painting prigress

Point Atkinson Lighthouse painting prigress 2

Point Atkinson Lighthouse painting prigress 3Point Atkinson Lighthouse painting prigress 4

Point Atkinson Lighthouse painting by Anastasia Mak

And detail:

Point Atkinson Lighthouse painting by Anastasia Mak

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