“Santorini” commissioned painting

Santornini painting by Anastasia Mak

This 30×60 baby was a very time-consuming and fun labor of love. A lovely couple, who lives in San Francisco, has contacted me about creating a painting from their Santorini honeymoon photograph. After I finished drooling over the beauty of their photo, I was excited to get started – even though the sheer amount of detail and the number of stairs and buildings guaranteed that the painting was going to take some time to complete!  But – I love complex cityscapes, and when they also involve blue waters of the Mediterranean, this kind of challenge appears simply delicious to me.

This was my assignment photo (taken from the honeymooners’ hotel – aaah, to stay in a room with THAT view!):


And here are some shots of the painting’s progress:

santorini sketch

santorini by anastasia mak

Santorini by Anastasia Mak

Santorini by Anastasia Mak

Santorini painting by Anastasia MakSantorini painting by Anastasia Mak

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