“Snowboard Girl” commissioned painting

Lately, I’ve been creating a series of Girl figurative works, and here is my latest one – Snowboard Girl. For the last few years, I have missed painting semi-whimsical figures and faces, and they give my eyes a welcome break from rigid architecture. Actually, I always try to work on more than one painting at a time – and my ideal situation is to be switching between a figurative (or floral) piece and a city-themed piece. It doesn’t always work out that way due to deadlines and schedules, but that is a perfect combo to help my painting brain stay “balanced”.

My figurative works the were noticed by customers, and now I get commission requests for custom figurative pieces. While I DO NOT paint portraits per se (traditional portraiture has never been my forte as I have very little training in that area), I am happy to paint someone’s likeness (their whimsical character, if you will) – if I find that the assignment fits my style.

With this project, I was asked to paint a girl on a snowboard who would loosely resemble this customer’s daughter. I was eager to create the piece, as I love snowboarding and thought that the composition could well intertwine with my signature abstract background. The girl that the painting was created after has reddish hair and blue eyes, and I also did my best to mimic her thin nose and a smile. Result was a big success! I love the painting and the customer does too. I look forward to creating more paintings in my “Girl” series. …And, also really need to get on that snowboard. It’s been a couple of years!

Here are some progress stages of the painting, from initial sketch to completed piece.

Snowboard Girl sketch

Snowboard girl painting progress 1


Snowboard girl painting progress 3

Snowboard girl painting by Anastasia Mak

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