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NEXT PAINTING WORKSHOP: Stained Glass Trees – Sunday, March 12th, 2017 (Update: workshop is now SOLD OUT)

Stained Glass Trees painting workshop
Winter Trees painting by Anastasia Mak

TIME: 1-4 pm

LOCATION: Anastasia Mak Art Studio, 5006 N Hermitage, Chicago IL
COST: $65 (all materials included)

(*Disclaimer: “Stained Glass Trees” is simply a title of this painting subject. To create our pieces, we will be working with acrylic paint, not glass!)

It may not seem like it, but we are still in winter season here in Chicago, surrounded by leafless trees, and luckily, plenty of sunshine as of February! So let’s take this opportunity to capture raw beauty of exposed branches, while creating a colorful mosaic of background light!

In this single-day workshop, you will go through the process of building a tree structure (first by sketching, then by drawing, and lastly, by painting). You will be guided on a few types of trees, their proportions, and unique layouts of intersecting branches. Then, you will shift your focus to negative space, developing a colorful arrangement of sky between the trees’ silhouettes. Just like light shining through stained glass windows, your paint colors will make a playful juxtaposition, enhancing our winter scene with energy! Throughout the process, you will also learn about color vibration and effects of warm and cool color tones.

You will work alongside the artist (that’s me!) as she paints in front of you while explaining her techniques. As most of my workshops, this class is designed to unlock the creative talent of people with ALL skill levels, so if you have not painted before, have no fear! You will walk away understanding how acrylic painting is constructed, what techniques are used to make the colors “pop”, and take home your very own original creation! As always, this workshop will encourage you to create a unique painting, instead of merely copying artist’s work.

Canvas size for this workshop will be a choice of 12×12 or 11×14


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