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NEXT STUDIO PAINTING WORKSHOP: Spring In France – Sunday, March 4th

“Spring In France” – Sunday, March 4th

TIME: 1.00 – 4.30 pm

LOCATION: Anastasia Mak Art Studio, 5006 N Hermitage, Chicago IL
COST: $68 (all materials included)

We have “traveled” to Italy in our previous workshops, and now let’s hop on over to France. Spring calls for color awakening, and rural France offers such lush and quaint beauty. Passport isn’t required for this experience, as our paintings will be interpretations of (provided) photos.

In this single day, 3.5 hour workshop, you will create an acrylic painting, inspired by the views of French countryside, including landscapes and architecture. This time, we will especially focus on using complementary colors in our works – those are opposite hues on the color wheel that pair beautifully side-by-side. You will be guided on composition, sketch development, layers, contrast, and vibrating colors.

You will work alongside the artist (that’s me!) as she paints in front of you while explaining her techniques. As most of my workshops, this class is designed to unlock the creative talent of people with ALL skill levels, so if you have not painted before, have no fear! You will walk away understanding how acrylic painting is constructed, what techniques are used to make the colors “pop”, and take home your very own original creation! As always, this workshop will encourage you to create a unique painting, instead of merely copying artist’s work.

Canvas size for this workshop will be 11×14

Maximum class size – 8 people


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