2011 Lakeview East Art festival promotion with “Owls Over Windy City”

Now that the Lakeview East Art Festival is over, I wanted to share all the photos of this year’s promo, in which they used my artwork to advertise the 2011 fest. I have been posting many updates about this on Facebook, but for those of you who don’t (yet) follow my FB art page (you probably should: https://www.facebook.com/anastasiamakart), here is a little pictorial summary of where the Owls have appeared in Chicago.

I was very honored that the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce selected my “Owls Over Windy City” painting for this year’s promotion. The selection of this image, I think, was very fitting with the reason of why this piece was originally created. (read about it here). Anyhow, its been so much fun to spot the Owls around Chicago in various print forms (starting with the Gay Pride Parade in June, which also takes place in Lakeview East). Here’s a photo gallery of many places where the Owls have “landed” this summer. And thank you everyone who came out to the festival, and thanks to my customers for all your support!

Owls on Chicago Gay Pride Parade float:



Owls lurking behind DJ of the Pride Parade float:



Owls on Lakeview East street billboard:



Owls on Lakeview East light posts:



More Owls on light posts:



Light post banner up close:


Owls landed on the bus stop:


Owls behind stage at the festival:


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