Biking in Southern France

So, in October we went on one of the most memorable trips…

New Orleans

I'm so happy to have finally made it back to New Orleans last…

Southern Arizona: hiking and making little paintings

In the end of February, I traveled to southern Arizona for some…

New Zealand: Franz Josef Glacier

So, after spending a few beautiful days in Wellington and…

New Zealand: Wellington and Queenstown

In November 2013, I put my painting on hold for a couple of weeks…
Bucktown Arts fest poster Anastasia mak

Bucktown Arts Fest 2013 poster

Super excited to be this year's winner of Bucktown Arts Fest…

Graffiti in Southern Spain

When people ask me what inspires my paintings, I can't just name…

2011 Lakeview East Art festival promotion with “Owls Over Windy City”

Now that the Lakeview East Art Festival is over, I wanted to…

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

March came and went, and with it a scary thing happened: I turned…


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