making time for painting

Improve your art practice: 8 tips on making time for painting

When I ask about students' struggles with developing…
Anastasia Mak Chicago Hilton

Anastasia Mak Art visits Chicago Hilton ballroom

When acrylic painting, interior design, corporate budget, and…
Lahu village thailand

Northern Thailand Adventure

This past November, we had an incredible trip to Thailand. After…

Dipping my feet in plein air painting

This summer, I have been enjoying a fresh (to me) way of creating:…
jazirat al hamra historic village

Visiting empty, eerie Jazirat Al Hamra Historic Village

For my live painting session at the RAK Fine Art Festival, I…
Ras Al Khaimah Fine Art Festival

Ras Al Khaimah Fine Art Festival & my first live painting abroad

The main reason for our last month's travels to the Arab Emirates…
Anastasia Mak Ras Al Khaimah art festival program

I think I left some paint marks in UAE!

So, we just returned from the United Arab Emirates where I was…

Exploring Paris

After our fantastic bike trip through Southern France, it…


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