Graffiti in Southern Spain

When people ask me what inspires my paintings, I can’t just name one thing, or one artist anymore. Yes, back in my very-very young days it was Dali, and Van Gogh, and such masters; but now a variety of things, like alignments of buildings along a street, or certain colors in the sky, or even a melody can create a cocktail of inspiration inside my head.

One thing I very often name though is graffiti I see when I travel abroad. Graffiti (or, street art) in certain countries is painted with such freedom, such creativity – and Spain has never disappointed in that regard. After all, stores in Barcelona hire graffiti artists to go to town on their metal doors so that pedestrians have something to gaze at along the quiet streets after stores close.

A few days ago I have returned from a wonderful trip to Southern Spain (particularly, Seville, Cordoba, and Granada). Here are some pictures of great wall / sign / gate embellishments I’ve collected during my time there.

(…Ok, this very first image is not graffiti. This is Jesus on a wall of a church in Sevilla. But what a beautiful street image nonetheless!)


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