Murals & Spaces

Anastasia Mak murals

On occasion, I do wall murals. Painting a mural is a fun, different, challenging, painful, meticulous and rewarding process. When schedule allows, I accept select mural assignments for commercial, public, and / or community venues.

I also love working with businesses, event planners, and interior / exterior designers on artwork licensing projects. From one-night events to permanent installations, images of Anastasia Mak Art have been printed and displayed in various spaces, making them pop with color!

Please contact with inquiries or to obtain more information.

Below are some examples of murals and image installation projects that have been completed by Anastasia Mak. 

Blick Art Materials mural

Blick Art Materials: corporate headquarters mural

For 10 days in November / December 2017, I had (what felt like)…
Anastasia Mak Chicago Hilton

Anastasia Mak Art visits Chicago Hilton ballroom

When acrylic painting, interior design, corporate budget, and…
57th Street Art Fair 2016 poster by Anastasia Mak

57th Street Art Fair 2016 featured artist

I was thrilled to be invited by the 57th Street Art Fair to create…

Waveland Bowl art decor by Anastasia Mak!

Just recently I wrapped up a project that involves the most UNUSUAL…
Pathway services mural by Anastasia Mak

Pathway Services entrance mural commission

It was a wonderful experience to travel to Jacksonville, IL earlier…

2011 Lakeview East Art festival promotion with “Owls Over Windy City”

Now that the Lakeview East Art Festival is over, I wanted to…
Orange groves mural by Anastasia Mak

“Orange Groves” mural commission for Tropicana

You can call it a mural, or you can call it a multi-panel painting.…

“Breakfast and Lunch” mural for LBP Manufacturing, Inc.

"Breakfast and Lunch" was painted on the lunchroom walls in the…
Hubbard street mural by Anastasia Mak

Hubbard Street Mural – “Sunny Rocks”

This was my very first mural creation, and it will always bring…