Waveland Bowl art decor by Anastasia Mak!

Just recently I wrapped up a project that involves the most UNUSUAL use of my artwork to date!


The images of my Chicago paintings got purchased and installed as masking panels over FORTY BOWLING LANES at Chicago’s largest bowling center – Waveland Bowl. Yep, from now on, when you go there, you’ll be throwing your ball under my paintings (well, prints of my paintings) – so I do hope it helps your aim!


The artwork panels were printed by Chicago-based studio, Marshall Productions.


I also have to add, the Waveland Bowl owner, Gary, was such a joy to work with. This may be a large facility, but they are a true Chicago family business.130221-4

My bowling skills are very rusty, but it is time to put them to use again. We have a couple of bowling outings scheduled next month – can’t wait to return there!



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