New online painting course: Negative Beauty

Negative beauty Anastasia Mak

Negative Beauty – a self paced, playful online acrylic painting workshop that focuses on defining objects via negative space, and helps you “design” your spontaneity! MORE INFO AND REGISTRATION HERE

Hop on over to join Expressive Acrylic Painting With Anastasia Mak – a free Facebook group and a small community where you can ask questions about the process, share your creations, or get help with painting roadblocks.

Anastasia Mak Art YouTube channel offers painting process videos and mini tutorials. What topic should I cover next? Message me to let me know what frustrates you in learning painting!

(in person) Studio Workshops

Anastasia Mak studio workshop

Rainbow Eucalyptus / or Birch – 2020 date TBD (this workshop has been postponed due to Covid-19)