NEXT STUDIO PAINTING WORKSHOP: In The High Desert – Saturday, March 30th (SOLD OUT)

“In The High Desert” – Sunday, March 30th

TIME: 1.00 – 4.30 pm

LOCATION: Anastasia Mak Art Studio, 5006 N Hermitage, Chicago IL
COST: $65 (all materials included)

Desert plants warm up our soul, especially when we are waiting patiently for Spring to give us a sign (any sign at this point! We’ll take anything!) here in Chicago. On my recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park, I took millions (ok, maybe just hundreds) of photos of Joshua Trees, yuccas, and cacti, and throughout February, discovered that they are really fun to paint. So, why not share this this little joy with you, lovely students? The last studio workshop of the 2019 Winter / Spring season will be called “In The High Desert”

In this 3.5 hour workshop, we will paint from my photo references (but you are also welcome to bring your own!) and:

-discover the textures of plants and trees of high desert

-incorporate backgrounds of colorful and sunny surroundings – rocks, grass, contrasting skies, desert soil…

-and bring it all together with expressive, playful brushstrokes and layers

As it goes with all of my studio classes, you will be very much encouraged to assemble your own composition and create your very unique piece, instead of merely copying the painting demonstration.

You will work alongside the artist (that’s me!) as she paints in front of you while explaining her techniques. As most of my workshops, this class is designed to unlock the creative talent of people with ALL skill levels, so if you have not painted before, have no fear! You will walk away understanding how acrylic painting is constructed, what techniques are used to make the colors “pop”, and take home your very own original creations!

Canvas size for this workshop will be 12×12

Maximum class size – 8 people

*NOTE: The workshop is now SOLD OUT. To be placed on a waiting list for this class, please contact Anastasia Mak


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